How To Do An Effective Twitter Chat

One of my best work accomplishments at the UN was gaining the attention of The Malala Fund through a Twitter Chat I participated in for our department. Twitter Chats are a great way to gain more exposure, engagement, and connect with like-minded organizations, bloggers, etc. Below I have listed my top tips for an effective Twitter-chat.

The Best Hashtags For Every Type of Blogger

Following up on my last post, How I Grew My Instagram To 2000 In A Month, I’ve put together a round up of the top hashtag resources to use to grow your blog, for each type of blogger.

These top hashtags will gain you greater exposure and connect you to your audience and other similar bloggers… Make sure to pin them to save for later use!

How I Grew My Instagram Account to 2000 In Less Than A Month

Growing your Instagram can be easier than you think. I opened my instagram at the end of March and made a goal to reach 1000 by May. Instead, I reached 2000+. Here are some tips I learned along the way on how I grew my instagram to 2000+ in a month.

6 Social Media Tips From A United Nations Social Media Strategist

My time at the United Nations was a dream come true of mine. I was there for the UN 2015 Summit and mingled with many politicians and celebrities (I met Shakira!!!). What I most enjoyed about my time there, though, was seeing firsthand how the important global issues were being handled, being passionate about those issues, and learning how to get messages out to a large global audience in a constructive way. What were the basics of running accounts with 10k+ to 100k+ followers? Here are my top 6 social media tips from my time as a United Nations Social Media Strategist..