Skip The Beaches of Viña del Mar & Go To This Colorful Fishing Village Instead

Viña del Mar is one of South America’s top vacation spots. Between the Festival de Viña del Mar (the one that launched Shakira into the spotlight), people trying to escape Santiago, and the Argentinians that come for the beaches & cheaper economy, the city gets packed. I lived with my Chilean in Viña del Mar for a few years and I don’t think we went to a local beach once. Instead, we went to beaches close-by, like the beautiful fishing village of Quintay…

Quintay is a gem of a find. I only knew of it because my friend was dating someone from there, but it’s actually very close to Viña del Mar and makes for a perfect day trip. It takes about 45 minutes (or 30 depending on the driver) and there is a micro (bus) that runs certain hours of the day on Doce de Febrero street to the right of Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. There are also a limited amount of taxis set up 2 blocks away on Avenida Argentina that can take you if you miss the bus.

It’s a fishing village that has an old whaling history and a museum to commemorate that. It has a handful of restaurants and a small plaza with 2 little grocery stores. Honestly, I think it’s one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of beaches. I eventually ended up shooting my friend’s wedding here 5 years ago and I went back again this year and nothing had changed. That’s the charm of these towns. I walked up to my friend’s mom’s house and she was out on the porch as usual, as she was the last time I saw her years ago. Our favorite look out spot was untouched and our favorite restaurant was still there. It’s nice to be able to return somewhere and it still be the same as in all your memories.

There’s a secret lookout that the locals have parties at sometimes and it has the best view I’ve ever seen. You might have to ask a local to point you in the direction. There are two beaches, Playa Grande & Playa Chica. Playa Chica is where all the restaurants are near the whaling museum and Playa Grande is down the very first road when you first get into town on your right. I recommend asking your taxi driver to take you down there or befriend a local or just walk it to get some extra fitness in. The beach is big and beautiful and often not too crowded.

Flowers are everywhere in this village and it’s definitely a hippie town. It’s colorful, it’s simple, and it’s less crowded.

I’ll end with my favorites of Chile: machas a la parmesana & Kunstmann Beer. Try it out if you ever visit. This is a place you’ll definitely want to visit sometime.




  1. Krysten | 15th Apr 17

    Wow what a gorgeous area!

    • Sea+Terra | 15th Apr 17

      It is, isn’t it? Like a dream! I ask myself all the time why i moved away, haha. <3

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