Non-Toxic Makeup You Can Find In Your Drugstore

Everyone is jumping on the green makeup bandwagon. Some companies are genuinely making natural products, but they don’t live up to the pigment or quality as “regular” makeup. Some companies are greenwashing their products by making them appear to be non-toxic when actually they have the same levels or more of chemicals as regular makeup. Not everyone is privileged enough to dump out all of their makeup and go on a shopping spree to pay 30$ for one non-toxic product and more. Or maybe you have the privilege of doing so but simply don’t want to spend that much money on makeup. Here is a researched list of non-toxic makeup with a EWG score of 3 or below that you can find in the drugstore:

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer– Rimmel Stay Matte is super popular among makeup artists and it has an EWG score of 1.
Baby Skin Maybelline– Yet another effective product that isn’t expensive but works! This primer has an EWG score of 2.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear BB Cream– I have this BB cream and love it. It evens out skin tone perfectly. It has an EWG score of 3.
Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer– Many will be happy to know that this raved about product has an EWG score of 2!

Physicians Formula Super BB All-In-1 Beauty Balm ConcealerEWG score: 3

Physicians Formula Pressed Powder– This is a top rated product with an EWG score of 3.
Maybelline Mineral PowderEWG score: 4

elf Studio Bronzer EWG score of 2
Rimmel Maxi BronzerEWG score of 3

Loreal Infallible Pro Contour Palette– This highly popular palette has a super low EWG score of 1.
Revlon Highlighting PaletteEWG score: 2
Loreal Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator-This is also a beloved product in the beauty world and it has a low EWG score of 3.

Rimmel, Elf, & Loreal Gel and Pencil Eyeliners– All of these had an EWG score of 2 so lots of options for this one!
Wet n Wild & Loreal Liquid Eyeliner– These also had an EWG score of 2. I used the Wet n Wild and it makes the perfect winged liner.

elf Studio Mineral-Infused Mascara: This SUPER affordable mascara wins with an EWG score of 2.
Kiss Premium Eyelash Adhesive– This eyelash glue has an EWG score of 2. I went out and bought it after finding out that it’s the one drugstore glue that doesn’t have formaldehyde in it and I love it so far.

Milani brow tint pen EWG score of 2

Revlon Super Lustrous LipstickEWG score of 3. The famous Tati of GlamLifeGuru LOVES these and I’ve never had any problems with the ones I’ve bought. Great pigment and good consistency.

Setting Spray:
NYX Dewy Setting Spray – One of the most popular and talked about sprays has an EWG score of 2! There unfortunately isn’t enough information on matte setting sprays but luckily the dewy look is in lately. Plus, with powder touch ups you should be fine.

Honestly, this is the ONE thing that is highly recommended by makeup artists to invest in. You can buy everything else drugstore and look just as good as high-end, but with eye shadows, it really is best just to invest in a good palette. Tarte makes some great non-toxic pigmented eyeshadows and a palette will last you forever.

I never wore too much makeup until the past year or so. I subconsciously bought into the sexist notion that women who wear a lot of makeup are silly, etc. But this past year, I have found makeup to be a great self-care act- some”me-time”, and an almost meditative act. I’m focusing on the task at hand. I’m being creative and I’m paused & focused in the moment. It might sound silly but to me it feels a bit like walking meditation after I’m done. I wear makeup for myself and though I don’t wear it often, I always enjoy the makeup process. So there’s no shame in makeup and it doesn’t have to be expensive to be non-toxic! Glow on with ya bad self!

Are you surprised to find these brands with a low EWG score? If you have any other tips or suggestions for low EWG affordable brands, I would love to hear them!


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