How I Grew My Instagram Account to 2000 In Less Than A Month

Growing your Instagram can be easier than you think. I opened my instagram at the end of March and made a goal to reach 1000 by May. Instead, I reached 2000+. Here are some tips I learned along the way on how I grew my instagram to 2000+ in a month.

Find the hashtags relevant to your brand and interests. Use whatever tags you can think of that are relevant to your photo. A few hashtags I also usually use to stick to my niche: #thatsdarling #persuepretty #thehappynow #letsgosomewhere #travelblogger #lovetotravel #travelgram #girlswhotravel #instadaily


Change up the hashtags – use the main hashtags in your interests but also change it up sometimes so you come across as less “spammy” and more authentic


Do The Follow Method, but be picky – I was reluctant to do this but it really increased my growth fast. Find a big account with a similar niche and add their followers. Instead of just going down the list adding whoever, though, I really try to add those with names or titles that sound like they would enjoy my instagram. This ensures true engagement if they do add you, instead of just adding spam accounts.


Don’t Just Like Photos Expecting Followers – This may work sometimes for some but the ROI you get for this isn’t worth the time you spend liking photos. Spend time liking & commenting on your current follower’s photos instead and following people in your niche.


Comment – Don’t just leave a cliche comment. Usually people get annoyed by bot comments and can tell you are just commenting for likes or follows. Leave a genuine comment if you’re going to leave one and try to comment every day on at least 5 different accounts.

how i grew my instagram

Color Scheme – Try to choose photos with a similar color scheme. For example, in my last few photos, it was mostly blues and greens in nature. Then, I added a purple photo and continued with the same purple in the next photo. It was be more aesthetically pleasing and make people want to follow your account. If you do change up colors, try to make the last few the same scheme and then follow the same different scheme for the next few photos.

Make an interesting bio – Put your name, who you are, and what your account is about with your website if you have one. Also, space it out by writing your bio using your notes app first and then copy it into instagram (instagram still doesn’t let you put in spaces)

Hide Your Hashtags – Hashtags can tired the eye and make your account & photos less visually pleasing. Hide your hashtags by writing out 5 dots with spaces in your notes app and then commenting it below your photo.

A mistake I made when starting out – Thinking that the accounts with 15k followers were really going to keep following me. (rookie mistake) Once I quickly caught onto the follow/unfollow method, I was more selective with who I followed back. You want genuine followers and not to be used for someone else’s followers number. The accounts with 15k followers but following 400 people? They’re going to unadd you in a week and you’ll still be following them.


Hope this helps you grow an authentic instagram following! Make sure to subscribe to my email newsletter as I reveal more social media tips! Do you have any tips to add? Any thoughts on future blog posts? Let me know!


how i grew my instagram


  1. Sophie | 8th May 17

    Great post – I’ve been trying to improve my hashtag game a lot more now. It makes such a big difference! Congrats on growing your IG base so quickly! 🙂

    • Sea+Terra | 8th May 17

      thank you! <3 hope this post helped!

  2. Melissa | 8th May 17

    Love it! I need to improve my Instagram game. I’m not taking the time to comment and look for other accounts. Thanks for the tips!

    xx, Melissa

    • Sea+Terra | 8th May 17

      You’re welcome, hope it helps! <3

  3. Katherine | 8th May 17

    That is really great progress in less than a month omg! Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

    • Sea+Terra | 9th May 17

      no problem! Hope it helps! 🙂

  4. Shelby | 9th May 17

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been struggling to grow my Instagram. This is really helpful!

    • Sea+Terra | 9th May 17

      You’re so welcome! I hope it helps. 🙂

  5. Danielle @ Follow My Gut | 26th May 17

    Love these tips, I’m always on the lookout for great ways to engage and grow my IG and these are so helpful, especially the comment tip. Thanks so much, Elise!!

    • Sea+Terra | 29th May 17

      <3 <3 I'm so glad it helped!

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