Fitness Essentials You MUST Own If You Want Serious Glute Gains

If you are looking to get serious about fitness (or glute gains, like me!), buying these fitness essentials will make your fitness routine a lot easier to stick to. Once I bought these, I was able to take my glute gains to the next level and also I had no excuses for not working out if I traveled. Here’s a list of the fitness essentials you must own if you want some serious glute gains…

Barbell pad- So, if you’re trying to increase your glute gains (grow ya booty), but you aren’t doing hip thrusts – START TODAY! This movement was put into the spotlight by Bret Contreras and is the #1 booty builder. For this, I use the Bear barbell pad and it prevents your pubic bone from getting bruised. I bought one at target before and as I increased my weight, I had to buy this firmer one. I recommend just getting the best from the start.


Converse – If you pay attention, you will see many fitness figures usign converse on leg days. This is because they are thinner and have great traction on the bottom. This ensures greater use of glutes and better stability. I have noticed a tremendous difference after using converse for glute days.


Kickback handle – This Brazilian Butt Lift handle from amazon is different from the simple ankle strap because it forces you to use your heel more, thus activating the glutes. Kickbacks are a great exercise for glute gains so it’s nice to have to bring to the gym. It’s small and super portable.


Resistance Bands – Resistance bands are the BEST. You can do a complete workout with just resistance bands. They weigh nothing and are perfect for traveling. You can get a full, lower, and upper body workout just with these bands. Another way to use them is around your knees when you are using weights at the gym to keep the focus on your glutes instead of thighs.

fitness essentials for glute gains

Protein Powder – I use ProMix Grassfed Protein Powder immediately after my workout. Protein powder is a MUST for muscle growth and if you don’t eat or drink protein after your workout, then much of your hard work goes to waste! Aim to drink protein no more than 30 minutes after your workout.


Ankle Weights – This is also a great extra to have in your gym bag. If you don’t like carrying too much weight on your barbell or dumbbells, this is a great way to add extra weight in a different way. It’s good to add for lunges, kickbacks, side leg lifts, jump squats, and fire hydrants. They are great to have for home workouts on those days when you just can’t go to the gym or to use for your warm up.


Music Arm Band –  Okay, this isn’t specific to glute gains but it will make your glute workouts more efficient. After really getting into a routine, I finally bought one of these and it REALLY improved my workouts. Instead of holding the ipod or placing it next to me, having it drop, etc., it sits nicely on your arm and you don’t have to stop as much.

fitness eseentials

Ever since I started my fitness journey, these have become essentials and have really made my workouts more enjoyable & efficient. Do you have any fitness essentials or tips?

fitness essentials glute gains