How To Do An Effective Twitter Chat

One of my best work accomplishments at the UN was gaining the attention of The Malala Fund through a Twitter Chat I participated in for our department. Twitter Chats are a great way to gain more exposure, engagement, and connect with like-minded organizations, bloggers, etc. Below I have listed my top tips for an effective Twitter-chat.

A Twitter Chat 

is essentially a live event on Twitter, moderated and focused on a certain topic. The event centers around a chosen hashtag and a set time is established by the host.




How To Participate?

Pay attention to the moderator’s twitter account for rules. Occasionally, if it is a high-level chat and is a Q&A. participants can be notified of the questions beforehand to have answers ready. You can find the questions & answers in an organized fashion with the following in front of the tweets: Q1:____, A1______, Q2:_____ A2:______, etc.


As a participant or a host, try to be engaged with other’s answers or comments. Like tweets and retweet tweets by others to connect with others. If you do a favor for someone else, they are more likely to follow or retweet your own content.

Include a photo

Including a photo is more visually appealing in attracting followers or engagement, but also a photo holds another opportunity to attract others. Tag relevant organizations or bloggers in your relevant photo. A good photo + a good answer/comment could equal a partnership with someone who likes your stuff. You can tag 10 people in Twitter photos, so that’s 10 opportunities to attract a partnership.


When choosing a topic, pick one in your niche. It can be an informative Q&A, such an answering political questions or assisting beginner entrepreneurs. It can also revolve around hobbies or interest, such as a makeup chat or fitness chat. The host needs to have a hashtag picked out before hand as well as the photos, questions, or information they want to give out in 140 characters. This is easy to do in a googledoc, etc.

Promote In Advance

You can’t expect to just casually mention your hashtag and topic and expect people to just show up. Start advertising it 2-3 weeks in advance. Make a social media graphic/invitation clearly stating the hashtag, time, and topic. Post reminders on social media at least twice a week and send out an email reminder at least twice. In the 24 hours leading up to the Twitter Chat, do a countdown (5 more hours, join us!) on all social media.

Use Tools

As a host, you may want to schedule out the questions or content in advance with Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. This will give you the freedom to browse the hashtag and stay on top of the conversation instead of rushing to get the next comment or question out.

Keep The Conversation Going

After the Twitter Chat is done, keep going through the hashtags to find answers or comments you may have missed. Retweet good comments or answers and use them for possible future content (blog posts, etc).


Twitter Chats are a great way to gather a community, connect, inform, gain more exposure, and build partnerships. My recommendation would be to participate as a guest in a Twitter Chat first before creating your own.  Here is a great site that has a list of future Twitter Chats to participate in and this is also a great resource for finding Twitter Chats according to your industry.

Hope these tips helped! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or recommend future posts! <3

how to do an effective twitter chat