10 Fitness Outfits That Will Make You Want To Work Out

I am approaching my 1 year fitness anniversary! After 2 chronic illness diagnoses and a stressful year, in June of 2016 I made an appointment with a personal trainer for 5 sessions and I haven’t stopped since! The exercise I finally fell in love with was strength training, specifically bodybuilding my glutes. You can read more about how I finally committed to exercise/glute gain tips here and my fitness essentials here. Besides all of the tips I’ve given to keep committed, I really find that getting dressed is honestly the hardest part. Sometimes I will even start the day wearing my workout gear just so I already carry that “workout” mindset all day and don’t have an excuse when I get home. In honor of my 1 year fitness anniversary, I’m picking out new fitness clothes and thought I would share my favorites for you! Here are 10 fitness outfits that will make you want to work out:

Best Memorial Day Deals (under $100)

Memorial Day weekend is a GREAT time to shop for deals. This is the time to buy since most sales are around 50-70% off! I only shop when there is a sale, so with the holiday coming up, I figured I would share the best Memorial Day deals I found while online shopping for the summer this week!

10 Olive Summer Outfits

“Olive Is The New Black” has been the phrase thrown around in the fashion blogs. I’ve certainly seen an increase in olive clothes while shopping and I’m loving it! I love earthy and neutral tones & this color seems to go well with my mostly black accessories.

I always get inspired to dress up more when it’s summer. The weather is nicer, my mood is happy, and people are more sociable. So, if you’re like me and looking for summer fashion inspo, here are 10 olive summer outfits under $100 that I picked for a super cute olive, earthy summer wardrobe.

Rocker Chic Look (& The Perfect Nude Heel)

nude heels

This weekend I brought out an old t-shirt I had with Mercedes Sosa on it. She is arguably the best folk singer in Latin America, and the most beloved. I bought it after she died in 2009. Her music helped me learn Spanish and she will always have a special place in my heart. I definitely recommend adding her to your playlist if you are trying to learn Spanish & Latin American culture.

Anyways, I thought I would share my look with you guys, since I always love seeing everyone else’s fashion posts. I am very minimalist in my wardrobe, only buying about 4 new things a year. Recently, though, I bought these nude velvet heels that are on sale right now and I am LOVING them. They are so comfortable to walk in too, which is a must when I am buying heels…

Fitness Essentials You MUST Own If You Want Serious Glute Gains

If you are looking to get serious about fitness (or glute gains, like me!), buying these fitness essentials will make your fitness routine a lot easier to stick to. Once I bought these, I was able to take my glute gains to the next level and also I had no excuses for not working out if I traveled. Here’s a list of the fitness essentials you must own if you want some serious glute gains…

Glute Growth 101 (& How I Finally Committed to Exercise)

I have spent a year devouring anything about glute growth and putting those methods into practice. I have also for the first time in my life committed to a weekly exercise routine, even while traveling. (June will be my 1 year exercise anniversary!) Want a basic breakdown of glute growth 101 and how to finally stick to a routine? Here are my tips:

Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist

Once I returned back to the states from Chile, I was introduced to Sephora and fell in love. I got a little too excited at first with the spending and somehow got to VIB status. I’m actually committing to not spending so much money on makeup this year and finding drugstore alternatives so this will most likely be my last VIB sale. Thus, I’m planning on taking advantage while I can! Here is my last VIB Sale wishlist:


Non-Toxic Makeup You Can Find In Your Drugstore

Everyone is jumping on the green makeup bandwagon. Some companies are genuinely making natural products, but they don’t live up to the pigment or quality as “regular” makeup. Some companies are greenwashing their products by making them appear to be non-toxic when actually they have the same levels or more of chemicals as regular makeup. Not everyone is privileged enough to dump out all of their makeup and go on a shopping spree to pay 30$ for one non-toxic product and more. Or maybe you have the privilege of doing so but simply don’t want to spend that much money on makeup. Here is a researched list of non-toxic makeup with a EWG score of 3 or below that you can find in the drugstore:

Affordable Organic Skincare Products That Actually Work

A few years ago, I was a vegan who only used all natural products. I remember being so dedicated that I would vehemently ignore the fact that I was extremely musky in the southern afternoons after wearing my all natural deodorant all day and insist that certain products were working great when they just simply weren’t, even if their mission was a just one. Over the past few years, I’ve become a meat eater again & am more lenient with certain products. For example, I have never come across a natural deodorant that actually works in 90 degree heat so I use my trusty Dove. However, I try to keep the majority of the products that come into contact with skin every day as organic as possible. These are the affordable organic skin products that have worked for me just as well as non-organic products and are ones that I actually enjoyed using.