Affordable Organic Skincare Products That Actually Work

A few years ago, I was a vegan who only used all natural products. I remember being so dedicated that I would vehemently ignore the fact that I was extremely musky in the southern afternoons after wearing my all natural deodorant all day and insist that certain products were working great when they just simply weren’t, even if their mission was a just one. Over the past few years, I’ve become a meat eater again & am more lenient with certain products. For example, I have never come across a natural deodorant that actually works in 90 degree heat so I use my trusty Dove. However, I try to keep the majority of the products that come into contact with skin every day as organic as possible. These are the affordable organic skin products that have worked for me just as well as non-organic products and are ones that I actually enjoyed using.

Nature’s Gate 
I really love their tea tree shampoo. This is one of the few organic shampoos that actually lathers and makes me feel squeaky clean after using. Their conditioner is good too, although a bit hard to get out of the bottle.

Alba Botanica
I have their body wash and sunscreen. I really like their sunscreen a lot as it isn’t smelly and has a “normal” consistency. Often times, you can find their products at a discount at T.J. Maxx.

This is an awesome & affordable brand that you can find at Target. I’ve enjoyed using their shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner, as well as their face scrub. Really high quality & highly recommended.

This is another great find at Target. Their products smell sooo so good and their leave in de-tangling conditioner works wonders. They also have beautiful nail polish colors that aren’t as toxic as the regular ones.

Organic Skincare

Their witch hazel rose petal toner is as good as everyone says it is. I used it for almost a year and began to wonder if it was really doing anything. I traveled to Chile for 2 weeks without using it and actually did notice a difference in the texture in my skin. One bottle lasts almost an entire year, too, so it’s a great affordable option for a toner.

OZ Naturals
There are so many things to love about this brand. They’re available on Amazon, they’re 99% all natural, and they have the most affordable quality skin serum and retinols out there. They have discounts ALL THE TIME, so I suggest signing up for their newsletter. Their eye gels, retinol & vitamin c serums are the most raved about products and I can also vouch that they are wonderful products.

This is a pricier brand that is available through Sephora, but you can find their products sometimes at T.J. Max or Marshalls. Their no-shine t-zone treatment is great and works well underneath foundation.

Shea Moisture
Their rose cleansing oil had high ratings so I tried it out and also loved it. It has a great scent and it lathers really well!


Have you tried these products and have they worked for you? I would love to hear some of your favorite organic products to add to my list to try!


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