10 Fitness Outfits That Will Make You Want To Work Out

I am approaching my 1 year fitness anniversary! After 2 chronic illness diagnoses and a stressful year, in June of 2016 I made an appointment with a personal trainer for 5 sessions and I haven’t stopped since! The exercise I finally fell in love with was strength training, specifically bodybuilding my glutes. You can read more about how I finally committed to exercise/glute gain tips here and my fitness essentials here. Besides all of the tips I’ve given to keep committed, I really find that getting dressed is honestly the hardest part. Sometimes I will even start the day wearing my workout gear just so I already carry that “workout” mindset all day and don’t have an excuse when I get home. In honor of my 1 year fitness anniversary, I’m picking out new fitness clothes and thought I would share my favorites for you! Here are 10 fitness outfits that will make you want to work out:

Nike shoes and breathable leggings are my absolute favorite and I love anything gray to help show off my glute gains.

Bright colors are motivating and fun when you’re trying to stay on top of your routine.

I only buy high waisted leggings because they are so flattering. I love pairing them with a crop top!

Like this one! Perfect to pair with high wasted leggings and I love the detail on the breathable fabric.

I’ve gone through various running shoes and these are the only ones that don’t hurt my feet. Perfect cushioning for a high arch and super chic. They’re also 50% off right now!

Colorful, high-waisted, and affordable. Love these!

These types of shirts with positive messages on them are on my list! They’re so fun and motivating.

Colorful & adorable! Would be perfect with a black or white croptop.

These are some of my favorite picks for my shopping spree. I hope you liked them and that they inspire you to get movin’! Do you have any favorite workout brands or outfits?