Tips On How To Make Long Flights Easier

Delayed flights, stopovers, or just long flights can drive you insane if you don’t prepare ahead of time. Last time I traveled, I left Chile thinking that I would be home in 12 hours and instead it turned into 22 hours. Here are a few tips on how to make long flights easier…

Neck pillow – A neck pillow is a must for those who carry tension in their necks. This MemoryFoam one is a good one. using a pillow will help you find a little bit more comfort when you are on an overnight flight and are attempting to at least sleep an hour in your upright tiny chair. Your neck will thank you when you arrive and don’t have a neck tension headache. Also, if you get delayed, like me, you can use it to stretch out in the airport and rest until your flight is called.

Compression Socks – Fortunately for me, I have vein disease at 26, so I get to wear these fabulously fashionable socks every day. It’s important for travelers to wear these so they a) don’t become like me and get vein disease and b) are at a lower risk for DVT(blood clot), since DVT risk is TRIPLED during long flights. These are the top rated on amazon.


tips on how to make long flights easier


Beauty Treatments- Before I travel, I pick up a few face masks from Target, hand lotions, and also bring my Sephora samples for long flights. I try to keep my routine the same when flying overnight. I wash my face, put on serums and lotions, and brush my teeth. I will also put on a face mask and put on hand lotion. I do the same right before we land in the morning. This tricks my mind into some sense of normalcy even while I am upright all night flying through the air. Doing this is also essential since planes suck the life out of your skin and it helps you a relax, even if only a little bit.

Essential Oils – My favorite essential oils are lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. I make use of the lavender when i’m told my 11pm flight is delayed & that I’ll miss my stopover to help chill me out and prevent me from screaming at the top of my lungs, and I use the tea tree oil for any pimples that might arise from all the stress of traveling. Win-win! Eucalyptus is also great to use to protect your immune system.

Laptop with TV shows – One time on the way back from Chile, I brought a laptop full of Golden Girls episodes and that felt so much shorter than my usual 9 hour flights back from Chile. Since we all Netflix binge now, watching episodes of your favorite shows that are better than the selections given on the plane TV helps the time pass by much faster. It is another way to trick your body, as I’m sure we all netflix binge before we sleep, so it will also trick your mind into feeling on track with your normal routine.

Eye mask – Using an eye mask has helped me in general with insomnia, but bringing it on the plane with me has helped me to sleep a little on the plane when before I could NEVER sleep. I prefer silk eye masks to prevent wrinkles and they some great ones on amazon, like this one from Alaska Bear.


travel snacks


Superfood Snacks – I usually stop by Whole Foods before a flight and stock up on travel size superfood packets, & sweet & salty snacks. The superfood packets usually have green tea and tons of antioxidants & vitamins which will help you not get sick after riding in a flying petri dish. These superfoods will also help with your energy levels when you’ve been on a 9 hours flight, haven’t slept in almost 24 hours, and somehow need to make it through morning rush hour on the metro to get to your friend’s apartment when you arrive.

Magnesium & B12 Supplements – Studies have shown that we are all deficient in Magnesium, a mineral that has been shown to muscle tension, lessen pain associated with migraine headaches, improve sleep, and address neurological disorders such as anxiety and depression. B12 is an essential vitamin needed for energy. Needless to say, these are essential for traveling. With Magnesium, I always make sure it has at least 400mg in one pill (otherwise you’re wasting money). I take these B12 pills & these magnesium pills.


Those are the things that help me feel more comfortable, prepared, and sane while traveling. Do you have any tips or tricks that get you through long overnight flights?




  1. Katherine | 10th May 17

    A neck pillow is an essential for me!

    • Sea+Terra | 11th May 17

      right? it helps soo much! For years i refused to buy one, but when i did it makes all the difference!

  2. Melissa | 11th May 17

    The worst that can happen is make a already long flight even longer!! Having some beauty products can make me feel a little better. Great tips!

    xx, Melissa

    • Sea+Terra | 11th May 17

      right? agh i think i’m traumatized from my last flight. the flight to chile and on the way back both had drama! haha

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