Tips On How To Make Long Flights Easier

Delayed flights, stopovers, or just long flights can drive you insane if you don’t prepare ahead of time. Last time I traveled, I left Chile thinking that I would be home in 12 hours and instead it turned into 22 hours. Here are a few tips on how to make long flights easier…

What To Do In Mendoza, Argentina (& How To Extend Your Chilean Visa)

Mendoza is the closest Argentinean city to Valparaíso, so you will find that many Chileans have visited the city a time or two. You will also find that it is the best city to go to in the case that the bohemian vibe of Valpo draws you in and makes you want to stay in Chile for longer. It’s known for its wineries, charming streets, and mountains and it is a favorite city of mine. Here is a list of what to do in Mendoza, Argentina if you ever happen to find yourself there.

Top Things To Do In Valparaíso, Chile

I lived in Chile for a good 2 years & have been back with my Chilean visiting over the years for almost 7. Over the years, I quickly sorted out the tourist traps & where the locals/my chilean friends go and where to have the best time. Whether it be dancing on a roof with a view of the ocean or free activities, I got you covered. Below are, in my opinion of course, the top things to do in Valparaíso.

A Solo Road Trip Around Iceland

It was awhile back when I had the usual travel bug but wanted a trip of solitude for once. I had seen Iceland around in social media and had been wanting to visit a more gender equal country after living in South America for so long. I was offered a place to stay in Stockholm through a family friend and thus decided to make stop through Iceland after Stockholm. Iceland is the perfect place to stand in awe and silence & evaluate where you are in life, and that’s exactly what I did. I burned 5 different cds with the likes of First Aid Kit, Paul Simon, & Jose Gonzalez and set out in my rental to explore this country and do some soul searching.

48 Hours In NYC

Everyone’s take on New York City is different and I think that’s what’s most fun about it- hearing everyone’s favorites and perspectives on this amazing city. I lived in NYC for awhile and I’m planning a short stay there again this summer, so I thought I would give my perspective on what would make for my perfect 48 hours in the city.

5 Places With A Great View In Valparaíso

I’ve spent a lot of time in Valparaíso, Chile. I lived there for almost 3 years and have been back and forth over the past 7 years with my Chilean partner. It first attracted me with its bohemian style and eventually became my second home. Here are my top places to go in Valparaíso to enjoy the beautiful views this city offers: