Tips On How To Make Long Flights Easier

Delayed flights, stopovers, or just long flights can drive you insane if you don’t prepare ahead of time. Last time I traveled, I left Chile thinking that I would be home in 12 hours and instead it turned into 22 hours. Here are a few tips on how to make long flights easier…

6 Social Media Tips From A United Nations Social Media Strategist

My time at the United Nations was a dream come true of mine. I was there for the UN 2015 Summit and mingled with many politicians and celebrities (I met Shakira!!!). What I most enjoyed about my time there, though, was seeing firsthand how the important global issues were being handled, being passionate about those issues, and learning how to get messages out to a large global audience in a constructive way. What were the basics of running accounts with 10k+ to 100k+ followers? Here are my top 6 social media tips from my time as a United Nations Social Media Strategist..