A Solo Road Trip Around Iceland

It was awhile back when I had the usual travel bug but wanted a trip of solitude for once. I had seen Iceland around in social media and had been wanting to visit a more gender equal country after living in South America for so long. I was offered a place to stay in Stockholm through a family friend and thus decided to make stop through Iceland after Stockholm. Iceland is the perfect place to stand in awe and silence & evaluate where you are in life, and that’s exactly what I did. I burned 5 different cds with the likes of First Aid Kit, Paul Simon, & Jose Gonzalez and set out in my rental to explore this country and do some soul searching.

Iceland is as magical as they say it is. The Ring Road is easily marked and I brought my own GPS that worked just fine. If you want solitude, this is the trip to take. Even though it was the end of summer, the roads weren’t packed. I often drove for miles and only saw one car pass. It wasn’t completely desolate though, and there are enough towns in between the major towns to feel safe. I definitely recommend Iceland for those who are questioning whether or not to take a solo trip, and it’s an even better safer option for women.

Icelandic Sheep

These little sheep were everywhere and even caused me spin out on a gravel road! After trying to speak to a farmer nearby who spoke no english, amazingly a car full of men drove by and helped me get my car out of the small ditch is had spun out into.

Jökulsárlón lake

Lake Myvatn

Messi icelandic Chips

In Chile, they would see this and say “plop”. Messi is Argentinean, yet they used him for a “Brazilian salsa” flavor.




I’ve never seen waterfalls like these and most had trails that you could walk around the waterfall and get better views. Seljalandsfoss had a trail that went underneath the waterfall, so that was pretty magical.

Thermal Pool Iceland

If you get the opportunity, please go to Iceland. You will not be disappointed. The people are warm and friendly. The sites are otherworldly. If you are a female wanting to do a solo trip but are too scared to take the leap, try Iceland as your first solo trip! It is safe, the roads are well-marked, and there are usually a handful of tourists on the trails. I recommend going the last week of august because prices are cut in half after the summer, but it was still pretty sunny! There was even a day where it was hot enough to wear a tank top while hiking.

Have you been to Iceland? What was your favorite part? I hope to return next year and go camping with my boyfriend- he has never been! Any suggestions for the west coast?


a solo road trip around iceland