Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist

Once I returned back to the states from Chile, I was introduced to Sephora and fell in love. I got a little too excited at first with the spending and somehow got to VIB status. I’m actually committing to not spending so much money on makeup this year and finding drugstore alternatives so this will most likely be my last VIB sale. Thus, I’m planning on taking advantage while I can! Here is my last VIB Sale wishlist:




sunday riley luna oil

I’ve become addicted to skincare. I think that even if you have all the best makeup, if your skin isn’t its best, it won’t matter. I bought “Good Genes” by Sunday Riley last VIB sale and was impressed with it. I’d like to try this oil out since it has retinol and I’m not getting any younger.


smashbox liquid lipstick

These look phenomenal. I heard Whitney Simmons on youtube rave about these and have been wanting one ever since. I love the look of the applicator and the texture looks really nice. I’m thinking a nice nude or orangey-red.


coverfx drops

I’ve been digging cream or liquid highlighter lately. I find powder highlighter is just to powdery no matter how much setting spray or Fix+ I use. I’ve been eyeing these drops for a long time so i think I’ll finally take the plunge for this last sale.


fresh rose mask

I got a sample of this a year ago and loved it so much that I bought a full size. I love this mask because even though it is expensive, a little really goes a long way. It smells incredible, it’s so moisturizing, and it is made of mostly natural ingredients.


tarte rainforest foundation

I love this foundation and really believe foundation and eye shadow should be the only expensive investments for makeup. I miiight buy this as well because it’s such a natural finish and the ingredients are better than most other foundations.

What’s on your Sephora VIB sale wish list? Have you tried some of these products?

sephora vib sale


  1. Melissa | 18th Apr 17

    I love Sephora!! Overtime I go I stick to my list or I go crazy being too much hahaha

    xx, Melissa

    • Sea+Terra | 18th Apr 17

      same! Every time I go, I have a mini-heart attack at the register.

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