Rocker Chic Look (& The Perfect Nude Heel)

nude heels

This weekend I brought out an old t-shirt I had with Mercedes Sosa on it. She is arguably the best folk singer in Latin America, and the most beloved. I bought it after she died in 2009. Her music helped me learn Spanish and she will always have a special place in my heart. I definitely recommend adding her to your playlist if you are trying to learn Spanish & Latin American culture.

Anyways, I thought I would share my look with you guys, since I always love seeing everyone else’s fashion posts. I am very minimalist in my wardrobe, only buying about 4 new things a year. Recently, though, I bought these nude velvet heels that are on sale right now and I am LOVING them. They are so comfortable to walk in too, which is a must when I am buying heels…


We walked to dinner Saturday night for about half a mile and my feet weren’t hurting at all in these! I absolutely adore them and they go so well with everything since they are nude. I love a rocker-chic look, too, so I gathered some similar adorable shirts below along with a link to my shoes. (Babe Against The Machine, seriously? LOVE)

What are your favorite rocker tees? Do you have a favorite nude heel? I love having this combo available for days where I don’t want to get too dressed up, but I still want to look really nice. Throwing on a t-shirt and grabbing some heels makes getting dressed so much easier!