6 Social Media Tips From A United Nations Social Media Strategist

My time at the United Nations was a dream come true of mine. I was there for the UN 2015 Summit and mingled with many politicians and celebrities (I met Shakira!!!). What I most enjoyed about my time there, though, was seeing firsthand how the important global issues were being handled, being passionate about those issues, and learning how to get messages out to a large global audience in a constructive way. What were the basics of running accounts with 10k+ to 100k+ followers? Here are my top 6 social media tips from my time as a United Nations Social Media Strategist..

ALWAYS include an image and a link.

Images catch the eye more than text does and statistics show that engagement is higher on accounts with images. It also provides free marketing for you since images can often be pinned and shared. See those accounts on twitter or facebook with only words? They don’t draw you in or keep people engaged. Always provide a photo. Same with a link. You want engagement and you want visits to your site. So, always include a link with the image, even if you have to shorten the link.

Tag Relevant Brands/People

For each issue I was posting about, I would always tag relevant departments of the UN or relevant NGOs. If I was posting about a gender issue, I would tag UN Women or women’s orgs. I would tag as many as possible, especially in my twitter images. Take advantage of this as a way to capture attention of other brands or people that can use the content for their own brand while giving credit to you, opening yourself up to even more exposure.

United Nations Social Media


We always saw an increase in followers after an interactive twitter chat. Contact similar brands or people and plan a twitter chat. Have the questions & answers laid out beforehand and advertise the chat for 1-2 weeks before the actual event. It’s a good way to encourage engagement and open your brand up to the followers of other similar brands/people. You can also do guest blog posts or a giveaway collaboration.

Don’t post too often.

You don’t want to overwhelm or annoy people. I would stick to 2 posts on facebook per day, 3 on instagram, and twitter is a bit more lenient but maybe stick to 10 tweets per day.

Live-tweeting events

I attended many events where I had to live tweet incredibly dense information. This was an unusual case because I was at the UN, but in other sectors, it should be a quicker process of live tweeting. Adding humor, thoughts, or simply summarizing what is happening can bring in a lot of new followers that were checking in on that event. It could be a political event, a sport event, or even a TV show. It humanizes your brand and also informs.

Daily check of trending hashtags

I would do a daily check of relevant trending hashtags and try to produce content that was similar using the hashtag. It’s an easy way to get a mass audience and an opportunity to capture more followers. This daily check also helps you to vary up your hashtags, since algorithms don’t favor people who consistently use the same hashtags.


These are the basics of social media tips for perfecting your social media presence. Let me know if this post was helpful and if you’d like more tips or a detailed instruction post on how to do a twitter chat or social media collaboration!


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  1. Melissa | 20th Apr 17

    These are so helpful! Thanks for sharing.

    xx, Melissa

    • Sea+Terra | 20th Apr 17

      I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. Daphne | 22nd Apr 17

    That’s so cool you got to work at UN as a social media guru!!! <3

    • Sea+Terra | 23rd Apr 17

      thanks! it was definitely quite the experience!

  3. Karla Ireland | 28th Apr 17

    Great information, I will have to make sure I am implementing them all.

    • Sea+Terra | 28th Apr 17

      glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Vladimir | 28th Apr 17

    Very helpful. I would add that it’s also important when you share. You should get the best engagement and most shares on weekends for Facebook, friday and saturday for Pinterest, wednesday for Twitter. tuesday morning on LinkedIn and weekdays for G+.

    • Sea+Terra | 28th Apr 17

      Thanks! But, depends on the industry you are working in! For my industry, it was during the week that had best engagement.

  5. Shanika Graham-White | 28th Apr 17

    Very informative post! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Sea+Terra | 28th Apr 17

      glad you liked it!

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