5 Places With A Great View In Valparaíso

I’ve spent a lot of time in Valparaíso, Chile. I lived there for almost 3 years and have been back and forth over the past 7 years with my Chilean partner. It first attracted me with its bohemian style and eventually became my second home. Here are my top places to go in Valparaíso to enjoy the beautiful views this city offers:

Cerro Alegre
This is the most popular area in Valparaíso, but it’s a classic for a reason. Even my Chilean friends love coming here, so it’s not just for tourists. I recommend going up by the Ascensor Reina Victoria stopping by Café Con Cuento for “once” (tea time) & Café del Pintor for dinner.

Ascensor Reina Victoria

Cerro Alegre Colores


Café Turri

With arguably one of the best views in Valpo, this place is the spot to go for a special occasion. I went for my birthday back in 2012 and it was just perfect. Their wine selection is great & the creme brulee was BOMB. The area around the restaurant has some great street art as well.

Cafe Turri Vista

Creme Brulee Cafe Turri Vino Chile


Cementerio Playa Ancha

This overlooked site is a must-see, though it’s more of a trek to get to. Playa Ancha in general is overlooked and I recommend a walk around this quaint hill-side neighborhood. The older houses are beautiful and it’s quieter than other parts of the city.


Cementerio Playa Ancha


El Puerto

It’s so fun to walk around the puerto and feel old Valpo, watch the fisherman, or take a boat out. There’s usually musicians or performers around that area and the boat rides are very affordable. There’s nothing fancy about this area but it is very charming and the Plaza Sotomayor is a great place to people watch. They occasionally have concerts there too. I saw the beloved Chilean band Los Jaivas there twice and sometimes the party will end up shutting down the streets nearby as people dance down the street with musician playing as they go. Magical!

El Puerto de Valparaíso


Taulat – tapas.copas

This is a great place to have drinks and tapas and watch the sunset. My chileno and I went here once and a kind British man gave up his seat so we could have a front row seat to amazing view. We stayed there for awhile watching the sunset while munching on olives, cheese, and sausage while drinking my favorite Chilean beer, Kunstmann. It’s a great place to meet fellow travelers.


(BONUS) La Quinta De Los Núñez

Okay, so this place doesn’t have the best view but it’s an experience unlike any other. Want an authentic Chilean experience? This is THE place to go. They have a lot of performances with Chilean artists and here you can learn the official Chilean dance, la cueca. It’s higher up in the hills & harder to find, but that makes it all the more special.


I hope these tips helped if you’re going to Chile soon. It’s a beautiful country with so much to see and do. Chi chi chi le le le!

5 Places With A Great View In Valparaíso




  1. Melissa | 11th Apr 17

    I love Valparaiso and all the colors! It’s definitely a city everyone has to go while visiting Chile.

    xx, Melissa

    • Sea+Terra | 12th Apr 17

      Isn’t it lovely? There’s nothing quite like it! 🙂

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