48 Hours In NYC

Everyone’s take on New York City is different and I think that’s what’s most fun about it- hearing everyone’s favorites and perspectives on this amazing city. I lived in NYC for awhile and I’m planning a short stay there again this summer, so I thought I would give my perspective on what would make for my perfect 48 hours in the city.

Brunch at Rosewater (Brooklyn)

It has consistently been rated one of the top brunch spots for a few years now and after having this as my weekly Sunday brunch spot for awhile, every other brunch just leaves me disappointed. They get all their ingredients from local farms upstate and they have a beautiful patio filled with flowers from Spring until end of Summer. They have the best drinks infused with herbs and give generous portions. Seriously, GO HERE.


Rosewater Brunch Brooklyn

Prospect Park

I hated New York the first time I lived there. I spent a terrible winter in a terrible studio in the Upper East Side. Once I found a sublet in Park Slope and this park became my backyard, New York had stolen my heart. Although Central Park is great, I really prefer this park. You actually feel a distance from the city and aren’t surrounded by tall buildings, like in most of Central Park. I spent hours two summers ago every single day slack lining in Long Meadow. It has some great trails and isn’t too crowded.

Prospect Park

East Village

This is probably my favorite part of Manhattan, with its trendy stores and funky community feel. I also like that some streets are quieter than the rest of Manhattan. People watching in Tompkins Square Park is a must and for dinner, I recommend the famous Momofuku or Caracas Arepa Bar.

Central Park

For the last 24 hours in NYC, I would make a trip to the classic Central Park for a beautiful walk uptown to eat lunch afterwards. My favorite spots are The Mall, The Gapstow Bridge, and Sheep Meadow.

central park

Cascabel Taqueria

I didn’t enjoy living on the Upper East Side much, but I did enjoy this restaurant that was close by. I probably enjoyed it a little too much as I most likely ordered takeout from them 20 times over the entirety of the winter. Their cobb salad with shrimp is unlike any other salad I’ve had and they have pretty reasonable prices for being in one of the priciest areas in the city.


North Brooklyn Farm

This is a beautiful public park and urban farm right along the water in Williamsburg. It’s a great place for photos and they also have Sunday suppers.

North Brooklyn Farm

Williamsburg Waterfront

I would end my trip by grabbing an icecream at OddFellows Icecream & watching the sunset over Manhattan. I would then end the night with drinks at one of Williamsburg’s best bars, such as Night Of Joy.

Williamsburg Waterfront Sunset

Those are on my to do list for when I move back for a bit this summer! What are your thoughts on NYC? I would love to hear your favorite NYC spots & recommendations!

48 hours in nyc