10 Fitness Outfits That Will Make You Want To Work Out

I am approaching my 1 year fitness anniversary! After 2 chronic illness diagnoses and a stressful year, in June of 2016 I made an appointment with a personal trainer for 5 sessions and I haven’t stopped since! The exercise I finally fell in love with was strength training, specifically bodybuilding my glutes. You can read more about how I finally committed to exercise/glute gain tips here and my fitness essentials here. Besides all of the tips I’ve given to keep committed, I really find that getting dressed is honestly the hardest part. Sometimes I will even start the day wearing my workout gear just so I already carry that “workout” mindset all day and don’t have an excuse when I get home. In honor of my 1 year fitness anniversary, I’m picking out new fitness clothes and thought I would share my favorites for you! Here are 10 fitness outfits that will make you want to work out:

How To Do An Effective Twitter Chat

One of my best work accomplishments at the UN was gaining the attention of The Malala Fund through a Twitter Chat I participated in for our department. Twitter Chats are a great way to gain more exposure, engagement, and connect with like-minded organizations, bloggers, etc. Below I have listed my top tips for an effective Twitter-chat.

Best Memorial Day Deals (under $100)

Memorial Day weekend is a GREAT time to shop for deals. This is the time to buy since most sales are around 50-70% off! I only shop when there is a sale, so with the holiday coming up, I figured I would share the best Memorial Day deals I found while online shopping for the summer this week!

10 Olive Summer Outfits

“Olive Is The New Black” has been the phrase thrown around in the fashion blogs. I’ve certainly seen an increase in olive clothes while shopping and I’m loving it! I love earthy and neutral tones & this color seems to go well with my mostly black accessories.

I always get inspired to dress up more when it’s summer. The weather is nicer, my mood is happy, and people are more sociable. So, if you’re like me and looking for summer fashion inspo, here are 10 olive summer outfits under $100 that I picked for a super cute olive, earthy summer wardrobe.

The Best Hashtags For Every Type of Blogger

Following up on my last post, How I Grew My Instagram To 2000 In A Month, I’ve put together a round up of the top hashtag resources to use to grow your blog, for each type of blogger.

These top hashtags will gain you greater exposure and connect you to your audience and other similar bloggers… Make sure to pin them to save for later use!

Rocker Chic Look (& The Perfect Nude Heel)

nude heels

This weekend I brought out an old t-shirt I had with Mercedes Sosa on it. She is arguably the best folk singer in Latin America, and the most beloved. I bought it after she died in 2009. Her music helped me learn Spanish and she will always have a special place in my heart. I definitely recommend adding her to your playlist if you are trying to learn Spanish & Latin American culture.

Anyways, I thought I would share my look with you guys, since I always love seeing everyone else’s fashion posts. I am very minimalist in my wardrobe, only buying about 4 new things a year. Recently, though, I bought these nude velvet heels that are on sale right now and I am LOVING them. They are so comfortable to walk in too, which is a must when I am buying heels…

Tips On How To Make Long Flights Easier

Delayed flights, stopovers, or just long flights can drive you insane if you don’t prepare ahead of time. Last time I traveled, I left Chile thinking that I would be home in 12 hours and instead it turned into 22 hours. Here are a few tips on how to make long flights easier…

Fitness Essentials You MUST Own If You Want Serious Glute Gains

If you are looking to get serious about fitness (or glute gains, like me!), buying these fitness essentials will make your fitness routine a lot easier to stick to. Once I bought these, I was able to take my glute gains to the next level and also I had no excuses for not working out if I traveled. Here’s a list of the fitness essentials you must own if you want some serious glute gains…

How I Grew My Instagram Account to 2000 In Less Than A Month

Growing your Instagram can be easier than you think. I opened my instagram at the end of March and made a goal to reach 1000 by May. Instead, I reached 2000+. Here are some tips I learned along the way on how I grew my instagram to 2000+ in a month.

What To Do In Mendoza, Argentina (& How To Extend Your Chilean Visa)

Mendoza is the closest Argentinean city to Valparaíso, so you will find that many Chileans have visited the city a time or two. You will also find that it is the best city to go to in the case that the bohemian vibe of Valpo draws you in and makes you want to stay in Chile for longer. It’s known for its wineries, charming streets, and mountains and it is a favorite city of mine. Here is a list of what to do in Mendoza, Argentina if you ever happen to find yourself there.